Scrap Metal Kempton Park

Making scrap metal gold everyday!

Scrap Metal Kempton Park has been providing the best scrap metal services since 2002 and we have come a long way from our humble foundation to owning a large scrap yard that provides scrap metal services that benefit the whole world!

Scrap Metal Kempton Park has always looked for ways to make money from what many people would refer to as trash and we have done this over the years by helping people take scrap and turn it into thousands of Rands everyday!

Scrap metal dealers that care!

Scrap Metal Kempton Park we aimed to be different from other scrap metal dealers who are well known for ripping off their customers. We are always honest, fair and professional with our customers and that is why they keep doing business with us!

Turn scrap into cash with us:

  • Simple Scrap Weighing:- Our scrap metal is equipped with many technologies that will help you easily weigh your collected scrap and make a breeze working with us.
  • Easy Processes:- At Scrap Metal Kempton Park ¬†we also have onsite assistants who will help you make your scrap metal dealing with us as easy as possible!
  • Same Day Cash Payments:- Once your scrap metal has been weighed we provide you with cash on the spot but I your amount reaches a certain limit we transfer the money into your account.

Scrap Metal Kempton Park is your number scrap metal dealer in town because we aim to be fair and helpful no matter what your needs are. Call us today to find out more about how we can help you turn scrap into gold easily!